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John Griffin III is a graduate of Brandman University with a Masters in Organizational Leadership. 

Professional Awards:

  • Modesto Junior College AA in General Education

  • Brandman University
    BA in Organizational Leadership

  • Brandman University
    MA in Organizational Leadership

Professional Awards:

  • FYE student success efforts Award 2013

  • AGS Hero Award (inspiring students) 2011

  • ASMJC Outstanding Service Award 2014

  • California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition 2015 State of California Senate Certificate of Recognition 2015


"Don’t waste time because in essence time is wasting you"
- John Griffin III, Success & Life Coach

After years of working dead end jobs John was faced with the reality that there must be more to life than just existing. As a homeless single father John chose to pursue his education. At 39 John attended Modesto Junior College where he obtained an AA Degree in General Studies. John went on to complete his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Brandman University.


John’s journey through education was filed with set backs, heart aches, and pain. However, it was from pain that John catapulted his way through the educational systems of higher learning and using his drive, perseverance, and true grit to transcend any barrier that got in his way. John also earned a Graduate Excutive Certificate in Public and Non Profit Leadership.


John’s message for those that are seeking success is the understaning of hard work, sacrifice, and looking for the YES when there is a thousand no’s. Understand that a degree is the key into 

a carreer. However, what you do once you get in the career is what counts. In the words of C.T Fletcher “degrees don’t win titles…hard work wins titles!”


Those that have had a hand in making me who I am

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